Do you wish there was a non-pharmaceutical way to treat erectile dysfunction (ED)?  Do you with there was a way to rejuvenate your sex life and your relationship?  The Priapus Shot or P-Shot uses your body's own healing and growth factors, platelet rich plasma (PRP) to improve various symptoms of sexual dysfunction. Call Emerge Medical now or book online to schedule your P-Shot today!! 
Do you suffer with...
  • Decreased sensation (and pleasure)?
  • Inability to achieve firmness during foreplay?
  • Trouble maintaining firmness during sex?
  • Difficulty maintaining firmness until your partner achieves orgasm?
  • Decrease in size (often seen with normal aging)?
  • A curve that causes pain or inability to have sex (Peyronie's disease)?
  • Decreased effectiveness of Viagra, Cialis, and other similar medications?
  • Relationship strain due to any of the above?
A P-Shot   may be the solution for you!
What is a P-Shot    ?
A P-Shot or Priapus Shot is a safe, effective, non-surgical treatment for some forms of male sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, and Peyronie's disease.  The P-Shot harnesses the healing power of blood-derived growth factors (PRP) to rejuvenate and revitalize the erectile tissue of the penis. 
How does the P-Shot    work?
For several years, blood-derived growth factors have been used to regenerate various tissues of the body with incredible success. Biopsy studies show that when platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is injected, the stem cells multiply and grow new younger tissue. In the same way PRP regenerates and repairs jthe tissues in joints and in the face, it can also regenerate erectile tissue. So, using this same technology, the P-Shot procedure works by using platelet rich plasma to stimulate stem cells to grow new blood vessels and new tissue for a bigger, harder penis.
What are the benefits?*
  • Non-surgical, fast, little to no pain.
  • Drug free, no allergic reactions.
  • Increased girth and length.
  • Increased sensitivity and desire.
  • Increased sensation and pleasure.
  • Straighten and strengthen the penis.
  • Increased circulation for a healthier organ.
  • Improved efficacy or oral medications such as Viagra or Cialis.
  • Better, healthier sex for improved relationships.
  • Full effects in  2 - 3 months and can last for as least 1 to 2 years!

*Results may vary

How is the P-Shot    performed?
The P-Shot procedure begins with the application of numbing cream to the both the shaft of the penis as well as the glans (head).  Blood is then drawn and, using an FDA-approved clinical grade system, processed for isolation of high-quality platelet rich plasma (PRP). Then, using a very thin needle, the growth factors are expertly and strategically injected into the corpus cavernosum of the shaft as well as the glans. Because these areas have been numbed with the anesthetic cream, the man feels little or no pain.
How long does this procedure take?
Please plan to spend at least 60 minutes at Emerge Medical for your P-Shot.
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